Portable Reloading Bench

  Portable Reloading Bench  

      A portable reloading bench gives you a huge advantage for quickly finding the most accurate handloads.   It allows you to reload ammo at the range, so you can try countless combinations of reloading components in one trip.   Reloading at the range will advance the quality of your handloading much quicker than just trying a few different premade handloads each weekend.

      I made this reloading bench soon after acquiring an old portable work bench known as the Black & Decker "Work Mate".   All I needed to do is add a scrap piece of counter top material to replace the worn out top, and now it's as good as new.   I use an RCBS Rockchucker press and a Redding powder measure on this bench.   As for the powder scale, I avoid the wind by using a digital scale in the back of my truck.

      Using this bench at the range helps discover more handloading information in a single day, than I used to get in two months.   The cost of this bench was almost nothing, and it's a solid reloading bench.   It folds up in a hurry, and it's lightweight and easy to transport.   If you decide to make a bench like this, be sure to build a table top that allows you to mount your press far from the front edge.   That keeps your bench from tipping forward when opperating the press handle.


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